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Don Lange: Links

Mary Flower
good friend, great guitar player and singer who played on every cut but one on "A Change In The Air."
Ken Bloom's band. Ken is the most talented multi-intrumentalist I've ever met. Listen to his bottleneck zither on "Same River Twice."
Jeffrey Dowd
Check this. Jeff played fabulous electric and acoustic guitar on the Same River Twice album; now he's singing opera in Europe. Very talented.
Red Grammer
You'll never hear a more compelling tenor than Red. Sang harmonies on the "Heathen" album. The Limeliters asked me to audition when Glen Yarborough left years ago. I said, "You don't want me; you want my friend Red Grammer." They hired him!
Howard Levy
Amazing, absolutely amazing harmonica player. You must check out his work. Plays piano & accordian as well on "Same River Twice"
Mike Snyder
Extraordinary drummer who provided the glue for "A Change In The Air." When he's not in the studio he's giving seminars for Roland. Loves Oregon Pinot noir!
Goldenring Folklore Center
Fritz and Mary Schuler's Goldenring Folklore Center is a treasure trove of Folkstuff: instruments, music, wit & wisdom. Fritz's memory bank is a folk version of the Library of Congress. Plus, he knows more about Don Lange's music than Don Lange does!