From the recording A Change In The Air


JESSE’S SONG © Don Lange, Barking Spider Music, BMI

boy of mine I would like to tell you
as I am headed for the plane
had a dream the other night
I saw your daddy going down in flames

I’ve seen a lot of apples polished
I’ve seen a lot of asses kissed
I’ll tell you one thing that really scares me
I think I’m getting used to it

it’s an old old story
I would like to make amends
another child born in glory
another man come to a bad end

everybody wants to be somebody
superstar on god’s silver screen
find your faith in a quick conversion
I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine


the other day son we went walking
you taught me something I though I knew
gave your quarter to a tattered old hobo
he patted your head and gave it back to you