From the recording A Change In The Air


BELIEVE WHAT I BELIEVE ©Don Lange, Barking Spider Music, BMI

you were looking to the east when you saw him first
a face staring back at you
beady black eyes and a long white beard
he said do what I tell you to do

believe what I believe think what I think
and I’ll let you sleep at night
believe what I believethink what I think
and everything will be all right

looking at the t.v. you saw that face
smiling right through you
one hand on the book and one down below
he said do what I tell you to


lord is my shepherd I am his sheep
I do what he tells me to do
I drink his Kool-aid to cool my brow
I’m a lot like you

high above the field on a sun-dappled day
a hawk circles in the air
way down below a shrew in the mire
crawls on his belly in fear