1. The Wall

From the recording A Change In The Air


The Wall ©1984 Don Lange, Barking Spider Music, BMI

Some say the wall is like a wing, some say it's like a V
some say it stands for peace, some say for victory
some say it's rising from the ground, some say it's sinking low
some say that war can kill you a decade down the road

There's fifty-thousand names
carved upon that wall
and so many souls were scarred {chorus
we couldn't count them all

A man is washed in moonlight, walking toward the wall
a veteran of Vietnam, he can't tell what he saw
he can't tell what he did and 'though he's got some scars
his troubled heart brings him here tonight after 12 long years

He stares into black granite, glimpses of his face
reflected back in moonlight. He thinks he sees his name
there with all the others, ringing in the stone
he puts his forehead to the wall, then he draws the gun

When morning broke upon the wall another man had died
a victim of your conscience, a victim of the pride
of patriots and patriarchs and politicians will
there is no peace with honor, that war is raging still